• Full functionality from mobile device or personal computer
  • Template meal plans for those that like to keep it simple whether it be low carb or balanced macro proportions
  • Drop down menus to add items into your diet. You can plan your day ahead of time or you can go back and add items if you eat something that is “off plan”
  • Option to send in your favorite family recipes to the S.T.I.C. team so that they can be integrated into the drop down menus.
  • Great tasting recipe options to choose from that break down the macros within each serving of your recipes. These recipes include everything to lasagna to crock pot recipes to dessert recipes. This allows you to cook tasty recipes for your family and then know the exact nutritional value per serving so that you can easily track it in seconds
  • Healthy whole food choices so you can make simple, effective meal plans in seconds
  • “Junk” items in database that you’ll find in your local grocery store just in case you go off plan so that you can see how these affect your total macros
  • Pie charts and bar graphs that will show you percentages of carbs, fats and proteins you’ve had for the day as well as how many total calories you’ve had in each meal
  • Free Training Video On How to Use Meal Planning Tool
  • Physique Sculpting Workout Programs
  • PDF Copy of David Sean’s ebook: The Beginner’s Guide to a Sustainable Body Transformation


  • Additional Training Videos that show how to modify your meal plan from day to day and week to week. These videos will show you what the very top physique and body transformation coaches in the world do with their clients. Most of the videos are 5 minutes or less so that you can learn something without having to spend too much time doing research or watching long videos
  • Diet phase blueprint planning tool that will help you easily track weight and body fat % each week as well as plan your building, cutting and maintenance phases for the year

These videos include:

• Peer reviewed latest research that educates you on the science and real life application of how to plan your nutrition strategy based on your current goal
• Real life examples of S.T.I.C. clients
• How to calculate macros in terms of total calories as well as percentages of necessary carbs, fats and proteins
• How to change carb timing to decrease appetite
• How to change carb timing to increase appetite
• How many total carbs you should have based on your goals and why
• How to immediately get back on track after you give into a craving and cheat from your plan (trust me it happens to everyone, don’t beat yourself up, but don’t do it everyday)
• What factors you should consider when you are planning your refeed meals
• How to effectively “cheat” without it deterring you from your progress
• The difference between a cutting, building and maintenance phase and how to determine your caloric intake goal for each goal
• Tips and tricks on how to stay on plan when you are already fairly lean but want to take it to the level of being shredded
• How different workout programs draw energy from different energy systems in the body and how this relates to diet strategy